Five website tips to help your business grow

Posted on October 08, 2014

From a big enterprise to a small and medium business, a website is an essential business tool - However just having a website that looks good is no longer sufficient. The website needs to work actively to drive your company forward. Sometimes businesses cannot afford huge budget to spend on their website. The good news about it - you do not totally require a huge budget to yield a healthy return. Everything depends on some of the basic principles listed below.

1. Continual development. Even if your website is finished and is on-line, continual articles and topics is what will drive customers to your website. This is important because clients, visitors and search engines are attracted by active sites. Your website will be indexed by search engines like Google more often and this can automatically increase your page and keyword ranking.

2. Review your website. Although you may be perfectly happy with your current website, it is always good practice to review it to ensure that it still reflects your business, products and target market. You should ask yourself if the content, images/graphics are still relevant.

3. Business driven website. Whilst a good design is important, a website that is business-led is the key. Think of your business site as your showcase which should reflect the business idea so that current and potential customers engage more with the company through your website.

4. Your site should be mobile friendly. Smartphones and tablets as a medium to access the internet is rising rapidly. Having a mobile friendly website will more likely increase your sales. Read our article on Responsive here.

5. Social Media Marketing. On-line marketing is changing. People like interesting content and social platforms are the way forward to share your new content - View our article on social media automation here.

Infolad Ltd provides services that cater for the key principles listed above.

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