Why your business needs a responsive website

Posted on October 07, 2014

Do not feel bad if the term responsive website is new to you, because we can promise you that you are probably with the majority.

Ever happen to go to a website (e.g www.shortstaymauritius.com) with your smartphone and you see another mini-fied version of the website? One which adapts automatically to your screen-size? A responsive website looks good no matter whether you are looking at it on a phone, tablet or desktop.

Most businesses today are lagging behind the cutting edge technology when it comes to such things. Some might think that this is probably not necessary. "My website still loads up on a phone, I do not need that!?". BUT.. here comes the deal! Your competitors are figuring things out and will slowly pick up on the trend. It matters because everyone else is doing it. On average, about 40% of your potential customers are using a tablet or a mobile phone.

The future is Mobile! ...Which will eventually directly impact your customers as they will bounce-off your website and go to your competitors, only because it is easier to use.

What does it cost?
Creating a responsive website out of an existing website can be about the same price as having to redesign your whole website. So if you have had your website for several years, it could be your chance to upgrade now. Contact us for more info.