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    Providing Affordable Hosting Solutions

    Infolad runs its hosting services on cloud servers which is highly scalable depending on the demand. Hosting plans are tailored only for business purposes.

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  • IT Consultancy & Infrastructure

    We specialize in different products & services. We are more than happy help you with the provisioning of new hardwares, softwares & website development.

  • Social Media Marketing Automation

    We love Automation.

    Place this in a business marketing context and watch how your revenues accumulate. Check out the sample

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  • Customer Satisfaction

    We love to provide the best solutions to our customers. Your project may be small or large, we always adapt to your working environment so that we understand your business needs.

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About Infolad

Infolad Ltd provides IT services for small and medium enterprises in Mauritius. Our service offering include IT consultancy, Infrastructure Solutions, Web Development and Web Hosting.

Infolad Ltd was founded in May 2004 and started as a web hosting business. After a few years of success, we integrated web development into our business concept, following which we expanded over the years with Infrastructure Solutions.

Vision, Mission & Values

We look forward to provide a broad range of services and to promote IT solutions to businesses.

We put our clients needs first. We aspire to be a reliable and flexible partner focused on clients with complex needs. By considering their requirements, we empower our clients to make better decisions. We continue to strive for high efficiency levels while being careful not to compromise on growth or reputation.

We provide competitive rates. Thanks to our effective project planning, we can proudly assure that deadlines are always met.

Creative approaches to the clients’ special needs in order to find unique and tailored solutions

Team work based on the implementation of projects

Professional quality of services provided by a highly motivated team

Team with a strong technological background

Our team is readily available for any interventions or queries.